Daily Lives of Fallen Myths is a comedy slice-of-life anime produced and directed by MoxieBox, animated by Studio TRIGGER.

Plot Edit

Back in the day, a vampire named Cassius and a sorcerer named Gavroche terrorised a European village for many years. They soon hatched a plan for world domination, but it was that very moment the villagers decided to form an angry mob and take down the evil duo. The two would struggle against the angry mob and they would find themselves backing into a corner. With the sun rising up and the mob hot on their heels, Gavroche decided to sacrifice himself so that Cassius can safely get away. Cassius reluctantly manages to escape and goes into hiding for years while the mob burns his partner, who swore vengeance on humanity. However, the sorcerer isn’t dead and is actually very slowly resurrecting himself. When Gavroche finally pieces himself together 202 years later he goes to find his old vampire friend who has changed with the times; Cassius no longer wants to rule the world, he just wants play video games and eat pizza.

Characters Edit

Cassius - He is a vampire who retired from being evil and lives in an apartment. After Gavroche's sacrifice 202 years ago, Cassius decided to forget about the past and "veg out" as possible, which resulted in him becoming overweight as a result.

  • Cassius is tall with pale skin and red eyes that have plus sign shaped pupils. His sandy-blonde hair has grown down his ears and is in a bun with a few loose strands. Gone was the fancy red/black tuxedo and suave physic and in their place are a blue shirt under a green track jacket with orange Crocs' Clogs and a pair of grey greasy sweatpants to accommodate his ever-expanding waistline. His shirt usually rides up to expose his gut.

Gavroche - He is a sorcerer capable of doing magic. He swore revenge on humanity after being burned 202 years ago, but is dismayed and enraged at his partner's more relax demeanour, especially when Cassius is able to stand being around humans.

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