Hero From the Stars is an anime produced and directed by MaMcMu.

Plot Edit

The anime takes place in a world where humans and Monsters live in harmony. Every monster has their own set of attacks, appearance and personality. There are 8 elements for the monsters; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, Undead, Tech and Magic. The main character is Hiro Tsunako, a 14-year old orphan who is a social outcast due to being born half human/monster with the ability to speak to Monsters. One day, Hiro comes across a monster called a "Starmaker", a reptilian monster from the Magic element thought to be extinct years ago. He takes in the Starmaker, nicknaming it "Leefee", to his apartment and discovers his late mother's journal; she wanted to make a paradise for all monsters big and small, so Hiro bids farewell to his guardian to go on an odyssey with Leefee and his childhood friends to collect a piece of DNA from every monster to fulfil his mother's wish, meeting new allays and enemies on the way.

Cast Edit

Hiro Tsunako - (Antony Del Rio)

Janet Cordelia - ()

Kyo Armstrong - ()

Mimi Walker - ()

Dimitri Zenfro - ()

Dante Ironside (Todd Haberkorn)

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